Get out of Jail Free?

“I came to Nashville not to bring inspiration, but to gain inspiration from the great movement that has taken place in this community.”

— Dr Martin Luther King

February is Black History Month in the US and Nashvillians have many reasons take some time to reflect upon the proud African American contribution to our community. With a long and distinguished higher education tradition at Fisk, Meharry Medical College, American Baptist College and Tennessee State University, we were blessed to have a generation of courageous and well-educated young people here at the birth of the Civil Rights era, whose determination, dignity and perserverence placed Nashville at the forefront of the Movement. I always make a point of taking visitors to the wonderful Civil Rights Room at our Downtown Public Library, and highly recommend that you make time to see the collection the next time you are here.

So what do you reckon Dr King would make of this?

Yes, it’s Free at Last Bail Bonding (‘Get your friend or loved one out of jail today’), brought to you by co-owners Mario Hambrick and Greg Sanford. I don’t know what to do with those boys, really I don’t. On the one hand, they clearly have bad taste. On the other hand, you’ve got to admit, they’re both kind of cute. I mean, they are the kind of guys I would go out on a date with if I met them on Hell, for all I know, I already have dated them. To be honest, it all gets kind of blurred.

And prospects? Honey, Mario and Greg are building a business empire, operating out of a seven-county area in Middle Tennessee. Do you know about the Free at Last Party Bus? My son is begging me to hire it out for the family reunion my mother keeps going on about. It’s tempting. Watch the video:

Ok, the cynical amongst you might suspect that Mario and Greg have hatched a scheme to drum up more business. Shame on you! Greg makes it perfectly clear in the video that the pole is for exercise purposes only. And the motives are entirely altruistic. He and Mario got together and decided that people in Nashville need a safe and alternative way to go out and party because the DUI rate is simply out of control. Now that’s what I call public service.

And another thing — according to their website, ‘…we offer VIP status to the most popular nightclubs and bars in downtown Nashville. Whether you’re celebrating a bachelor, bachelorette, birthday, anniversary, prom, wedding, corporate event, tailgating parties or just a night out on the town this bus will help provide the transportation needed to ensure everyone an unforgettable time.  Free At Last party bus also caters to under -21, sweet 16 and kids parties too! Let us help you plan the party of a lifetime! Call and book your party today!’

I have to confess that it never occurred to me when Junior was little to book a party bus with VIP status at nightclubs, a smoke machine and a lap-dancing pole. But I bet he would have loved me better in his teenage years if I had.

And still another great thing about Mario and Greg is that they sponsor parades!

In fact, the more I know about them, the more I like them. And poor Mario, he has had kind of an embarrassing month. So all in all, I have decided that I want them to be my friends! I love these guys!

Seriously, I can appreciate that when Dr King had a dream, it probably wasn’t this one. But at least they are running an integrated business and making money, right? Are you with me? So, happy Black History Month from all of us here in Nashville!

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10 responses to “Get out of Jail Free?

  1. Enterprising young men, indeed! On a more serious note, enterprising young men (& women) are profiled in David Halberstam’s book, “The Children,” a great account of the civil rights movement in Nashville.

  2. Oh good lord . . . what advertising! What signage! What horribly inappropriate misappropriation! ON another note (looking over your blog), I used to copy down all those horrible little messages churches have on their signs to shame/scare/blackmail you into attending. I was going to use them all for chapter headings in a book. What did I do with all those??? Just found your blog and really like it!

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  4. Hello Southern Dysfunction! Love your article, very clever. A follower of yours just called to rent the party bus and said we must check out your blog! You can check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well. And, if Junior wants to rent the bus, let us know! We just love this (well, most of it, and definitely all the compliements on our looks) and appreciate the recognition.

  5. Hey Greg! That makes me so happy! Junior is more likely to need your bail bonding service in the short term, to be honest. But we are definitely planning to rent the bus sometime soon. So glad to be helping you out. I want to meet you guys some time!

    • We’d love that! We’re having a meeting tonight at the Goodwill off 10th near our new Jefferson Street shopping center. Feel free to join and bring a friend. It’s at 6pm. We’re unveiling the new plans for Free at Last Plaza. We’d love to see you.

      You’re hysterical! And, tell Junior to stay out of trouble! We’ve been speaking to your friend today about renting the bus, who I heard you’ve already spoken to. Do you have Twitter or Facebook? We’d like to follow you.

  6. The Bearded Iris

    One word: BRILLIANT.

    Okay, a few more. I just can’t help myself. First of all, I am so proud to be considered your “kinfolk.” You are a HOOT and a half, honey. Secondly, I love that the pole on the party bus is just for “exercise purposes only.” Do you think they’d come to Atlanta? I have a very athletic three year old who just loves pole-related-exercises. I need to start planning his birthday party and that there Free at Last Party Bus would truly make me the talk of the town!

    • Honey, I am sure that they could arrange it — as you can see from the comments above yours, Greg is my new best friend because one of my fans has just booked the bus for her 69th birthday party. As the mother of a 22-year-old son, I can assure you that booking that bus for spider man’s birthday would be a great idea. After all, the only thing that we mothers need to do for our sons is to make sure that they are our best friends for life so that when they marry, we still have the upper hand. This will clinch it, trust me.

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