Turkey Shoot: Fashion Supplement

It didn’t take long at the NWTF Convention this weekend for me to realise that I am going to have to invest in a whole new wardrobe if I am going to take my new life as a single ‘hunting babe’ seriously. Of course, hunting chic is mostly aimed younger women:

But there is a lot available this season that is just classic and ageless.

And for us older ladies looking for more figure flattering hunting wear, there are also numerous options. This ensemble, for example, can easily convert from daytime to evening:

Actually, it reminds me of the Far Eastern fashion craze recently popularized by my Cousin Andy, who is working as a missionary in Beijing.

There were plenty of choices when it came to accessories, too.

But best of all were the earrings being made by the darling and enterprising Tonya Thompson, from Vienna, Georgia. And can I stress here that Tonya does not have a website or an internet connection so you are going to need to contact her directly on the phone. I think that her work is terrific, and bought a pair for Miss Pearl, who couldn’t come to the show with Junior because she was working out at the nursing home. Tonya has come up with the novel idea of making jewellery from fired shotgun shells:

As she says, they are hand-crafted, unusual and the single drops are discreet enough to wear to work. Also, she pointed out that ‘they are made from fully-recycled materials, so they are environmentally friendly too!’

Tonya clearly has a lot riding on the success of her new business, and I wish her all the best. I can imagine that used ammo jewelery handcrafted in Georgia could catch on at some snotty boutique on the Upper East Side. So if you want to order from Tonya, she can be contacted at:

Spent Round Designs
228 Slosheye Trail Est. Road
Vienna, Georgia 31092

(229) 322-0684

© Copyright 2011, Southern Dysfunction



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4 responses to “Turkey Shoot: Fashion Supplement

  1. sue

    cool, I think the daytime to evening wear cape will suit you just fine when you fancy a bit of twitching in the Thames.

  2. And it would make a big impression at the Penton Hook Yacht Club, don’t you think!


    Thanks a million for writing about me. I love Spent Rounds Design and can’t wait to see what happens next. Keep wearing those ear rings ladies!
    Tonya Thompson

    • Tonya! I am so glad you got in touch, girl! My son’s girlfriend just LOVES her earrings and everyone I know wants some! I am going to give you a call to place another order once I get finished looking after my daddy this weekend!

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