Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Miss Pearl has been taking a Restorative Embalming class over at the School of Mortuary Science this semester and the students were all asked to choose a real person to base their project on. She chose her daddy, which I thought was kind of sweet.

Each week for the past couple of months, she has come over to the house and shown me pictures to illustrate her progress. First she made his ears:

I thought they looked pretty good. The next week, it was his nose. She admitted that this was more of a challenge, but I wasn’t especially concerned at this stage:

It was only in the weeks that followed that alarm bells started ringing. Especially seeing as how she assured me that her mom thought it was a pretty good likeness….

That’s when I started thinking back. All I really know about Miss Pearl is that she says her family comes from ‘California’. Big Daddy has always said that those people come from a different planet, but I thought it was just a euphemism. Then yesterday, she handed in her final project and my suspicions were confirmed:

Whoa! Ok, I figure I can cope with this situation. I mean, I have watched every series of Star Trek and am particularly fond of Deep Space Nine. Believe me, we have our own genuinely eccentric people in my family. And I am good with diversity. Junior has met them on a number of occasions and has never said a thing, but then again, he is very discreet.

So I am working on my alien salute. Nanu Nanu y’a’ll!

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8 responses to “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

  1. Miss Pearl’s dad is Anton LaVey??? (I’ve never seen DSN, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a recreated holo-being or something…)

  2. Miss Pearl

    Guess it slipped my mind to tell you that somehow I am related to Mr. Spock. But at least you now understand my genetics.

    And isn’t nanu nanu from Mork and Mindy? (I think they are distant cousins)

  3. roger w

    a pass mark for me, would be a 7 of 9, but as we say in the Uk only in America

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