It’s Party Time!

The British, as a nation of functioning alcoholics, have very simple needs:

1. Good weather
2. A few days off
3. Cheap booze

These three things almost never coincide, but miracles do happen, and that is what is going on over here right now.

The weather is breaking historical records for this time of year. We have had day after day of cloudless perfection with no end in sight. My neighbour’s grandkids are visiting for the Easter holidays and you can tell that these children have literally never been exposed to sunshine before:

Secondly, between Jesus rising from the dead and Prince William marrying Kate Middleton, we have two back-to-back four day weekends, starting today. Let me say that another way. Good Friday is a day off. Easter Monday is a day off. Next Friday, the Wedding Day, is a day off. Our wise Queen has declared the following Monday to be National Alka Selzer Day, and yes, it too, is a day off. Trust me, no one is planning to go to work next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. So the whole country is basically taking a ten-day party break.

In London this week, everyone was getting ready.

Over in the East End, even the local Pie and Mash Shop is in on the act, as demonstrated by my glamorous friend, the famous artist, Miss Mikey Cuddihey:

The supermarkets and the pubs are taking care of item number three:

This is a good illustration of why there has never been, and never will be, a revolution in the United Kingdom. I mean, the Prime Minister has been making some pretty big mistakes lately, and the economy is shot to pieces. But what the hell, who gives a f&%*? It’s party time!

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8 responses to “It’s Party Time!

  1. This makes me miss England! Wish I was there…

  2. Miss Pearl

    After 25 years of exposure to sunlight, I am really not any better than my fellow Ginger in this picture.

  3. roger w

    hopefully normal british bank holiday will return this friday and
    this outburst of wellbeing will be drowned out by complaints
    about the weather, a truly english pastime, along with a good moan about
    anything that springs to mind

  4. galfrombama

    OK, I love food, but I could skip a few meals if they had those
    3 words combined in the menu-
    maybe I need to post that on my fridge to promote dieting.
    Need I remind you that you were a beautiful
    bride? As the substitute wedding planner, I was impressed
    that you also danced into the night in spite of the thunderstorms
    pounding the tents in the yard.

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