Well wouldn’t you know it? The world is coming to an end and my internet connection decides to die first. Very inconvenient that, but I have managed to find a hotspot this morning so that I can sign on before I go to Jesus sometime later on today.

I have been looking for signs of the End Times, but evidence is pretty thin on the ground here in the UK. About the only weird thing that has happened to me recently is that I met a dog in a pub in Windsor last weekend who looks alot like the new Duchess of Cambridge.

Junior, I have redecorated your bedroom and I want you to know that it was really gross, but now it is pink. Think of it as a parting gift. I am really going to miss all of y’all who don’t get raptured with me, but am looking forward to making new friends in heaven, and in particular this woman.

And that’s about it. I have clean underpants on and I flossed after breakfast, so I am in pretty good shape.

Bye y’all!

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9 responses to “Adieu…

  1. Kacky Fell

    I heard that in Nashville folks are having ‘End of the World Parties’ so they’ll be with friends when the end comes!

  2. The Departing Doctor

    I am not going anywhere today except the local coffee shop, but if everyone is dead wrong about the nature of sin, and I do go on a trip this evening at 6 pm, then I want to sit at the table between you, my dear, and Miss Ellen Harper McGarr!

    I hope this starts a trend of better obituaries in this country: they are the first section I turn to in the paper, but I am tired of reading the word “predeceased”.

  3. SandySays1

    I wonder how many wills will be changed after today!

  4. Ronny

    It was a pretty slow Armageddon here in Manhattan. Friend Renee & I had dinner reservations, as did quite a few other people in the restaurant. Of course, we live in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Everyone seemed quite happy-go-lucky on the sidewalks yesterday evening – elated, because of the nice weather, but not elevated, as in getting swooped up into the heavenly host.

    Maybe The Rapture actually happened, but there’s so much morbid obesity among the true believers that God just couldn’t get the proper wind up to hoist the hoi polloi skyward.

    At any rate, I am pleased that MY credit cards aren’t maxed out and that I’m here to spend, spend, spend another day.

  5. Sorry to see the boat left without you on it, SoDys! But happy that we’ll be getting more blogging love.

    I know it might be a bit early (I suspect most are still stuck at anger or denial), but can I suggest taking a look at Taoism? The American version is a little hokey and spiritualist — tied in with yoga, meditation and vegans — but the Chinese version? Well, let’s just say their gods will kick your ass (and slice off your tongue, too.) Give it a try!

  6. Miss Pearl

    Since Junior and I are amongst those left behind, I have been filling my free time by chasing him around the garden with handfuls of cicadas. I think it’s his version of hell.

    • It is really tough to get Internet up here in heaven with Jesus, but glad to hear that you are keeping Junior in line for me. So sweet of you to accept God’s offer to let you hang out for awhile with him but we are all looking forward to seeing you here soon! Heaven is way cool!

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