Fishy Feet

And another thing that marks out Staines-on-Thames as one of the most glamorous undiscovered gems of the British Isles is that you can get little fish to eat the dead skin off of your hands and feet for just fifteen bucks in the local mall. Ichthyotherapy is illegal back home in Tennessee, but that’s because only rich people there have healthcare. Here in England, if you catch some weird disease from fish that you paid to eat the dead skin off your feet in a shopping mall, you might raise a few eyebrows in the emergency room, but the treatment is still free. That’s called civilization.

Besides, there isn’t much to do here in the summer rain, so cousin Ronnie and I decided to take my glamorous friend Karen there last weekend and give it a try.


What did it feel like, I hear you asking? It felt like little fish were eating the dead skin off your body. Doh! Fatima, the therapist, explained that they are talking about introducing a full body treatment. We couldn’t decide on that one. Frankly, it could go either way. But what with being an old lady with limited opportunities, as it were, I would certainly be willing to find out.

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2 responses to “Fishy Feet

  1. Ronny

    I wish I could convey the nervous giggle you emitted when you stuck your hands in the water. You scared the poor little fishes quite away! You made for good advertising for the shop when we were having our feet done, talking to all the gawkers. Dr. FishSpa should pay you in free visits.

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