Calamity Jane and the Pirate Queen

‘No thanks, I can’t stand sprouts. Good source of Vitamin C though.  I met this sailor once in the Port of Sudan who lived on nothing but sprouts and bottled water. Luigi, his name was. Thin as a rake. Completely mad.’

My friend Poppy is crewing for me for a couple of weeks, and I was making lunch.  Poppy sails her boat, Free, single handed, and is currently weatherbound in Lowestoft, so I suggested that she come to Calamity Jane.  She is following a spiritual path, which means that meat, alcohol, and sex are out but chocolate and nude sun bathing are in. For that reason, we are happily moored up on an island at Cliveden for a few days, until I run out of wine and she runs out of chocolate. She is teaching me a lot about reincarnation, and in return, I’ve lent her the Stieg Larsson trilogy. Amazon days.

© Copyright 2011, Southern Dysfunction




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4 responses to “Calamity Jane and the Pirate Queen

  1. Prepare to repel boarders !!!!!!

  2. When did you steal my dream life???

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