For thirty years, Harriet Warner was a fugitive from Tennessee, which she fled in tragic circumstances. Avoiding The North, she led a glamorous and decadent life as a Communist socialite in the capitols of Europe. Finally returning home in 2010 to care for her beloved and completely normal elderly relatives, she discovered that The South gets stranger the more you know about it.


7 responses to “About

  1. Stacy

    I showed a picture of Calamity Jane in class the other day – talking about architecture in England. I’m just sayin’ that it’s sad you had to end up living on a boat. That’s all.

  2. Dick

    Listen up Stacy luv,

    When that there global warming kicks in, we’ll be laughing …

    (and we ain’t makin no extra trips west to save your sorry butts neither)

    Dick, a fellow UK boater

  3. Mary Coleman Palmer

    Harriet… i have lost the ability to speak having read so many of your posts.
    I’m sure it will return. The ability to see may take longer. All I can say is that you totally nail Nashville, growing up here and trying to live here in the present.
    Rock on sister!!!
    much love..

  4. Salty

    Err……excuse my Englishman ignorance…..what the hell are ‘grits’?….

    Fellow British boater

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